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Wooden stairs and railings for the most exquisite tastes

Concrete frame stairs
Concrete frame stairs Luca Global Group

A wooden stair framed by a special railing adds a luxurious view to your home, besides the usability character that cannot be questioned. Wooden stairs are a fundamental element on multi-level buildings and provide a complete and harmonious design alongside with the hardwood flooring, furniture, doors and windows.

Types of stairs

  • Timber frame stairs;
  • Metal frame stairs;
  • Concrete frame stairs.

Timber frame stairs add a rustic flavour to your home; the wooden or metal railings used complete harmoniously the overall design of the room and provide support when ascent or descent.

Metal frame stairs provide a greater flexibility in design as they can be easily shaped in different kinds of curves or spirals to meet any space and aesthetics requirements. The wood tread fits harmoniously into the metal structure, and alongside with an iron or stainless steel railing, they provide a modernist look to the entire house.

Concrete frame stairs combine aesthetically the concrete or granite with the wooden treads to add a glow of elegance to your home. Also, iron or wood railings provide extra support and safety.

In addition to stairs manufacture, railings can also be used successfully in the case of balconies or patios to provide support and a particular aesthetic to the whole house.

Our offer of wooden stairs and railings

We manufacture any type of timber, metal or concrete frame stair with railings, to fit in the desired space and to meet any aesthetic requirements. The high quality materials used and the wide range of designs and colours meet all our customers’ wishes.

Have you imagined the perfect wooden stair for your home? Contact us now and let it become reality.

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