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Wood shutters and roller shutters for keeping your privacy

Wooden shutters
Wooden roller shutters

We manufacture wooden shutters with hinged or sliding openings, and also wooden roller shutters with electric or manual openings, for the most demanding requirements on aesthetics and usability.

Why consider shutters or roller shutters for windows

  • Keep your privacy
    When you want to retire from the busy life, nothing is more pleasant than to pull the shutters or the roller shutters over the windows and enjoy relaxing in privacy;
  • Guide how much light enters your home and at what time
    If you want to enjoy more hours of sleep and light is disturbing you, just pull the shutters down and enjoy a relaxing overtime;
  • Special aesthetics
    The outside of the house gains an air of mystery and elegance when wood shutters or roller shutters are applied to exterior windows.

Our offer of shutters and roller shutters

From a technical standpoint, we manufacture any type of wooden shutters, with hinged or sliding openings, and also, wooden roller shutters, with electric or manual openings.

Each model is unique, depending on the overall design and space requirements, and especially in accordance with our customers’ wishes:

  • Wooden shutters;
  • Hinged or sliding shutters;
  • Wooden roller shutters;
  • Electric or manual roller shutters.

We are recommended by the extensive experience in the field and the many projects we have done so far.

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