Wood Joinery Accessories

Wood Essences

The selection of a wood essence for wood joinery is made according to several criteria:

  • Geographical area (sea / mountain) to meet temperature and humidity requirements. For colder areas, with significant differences in temperature and humidity, the best option is Pine and Spruce, and for those areas with excessive humidity and heat, the best option is Meranti
  • Interior and exterior style / design of the house
  • Every customer's preference for wood fiber
  • Budget accessibility. Regarding this aspect, Spruce and Pine are the most accessible and ecological essences, followed by Meranti essences, the most expensive essence being that of Oak
Wood Essences

LUCA uses in the production of wood joinery the following wood essences: Pine, Spruce, Meranti and Oak. Upon request, we can produce joinery products of any essence selected by the customer, if it is adapted to the requested product.

Wood essences are divided into two categories: (1) Softwood – soft essences and (2) Hardwood – hard essences:

  1. Soft essences are easy to process, have good acoustic and thermal properties, they are fast growing species which diminishes the impact of their use on the environment. It is used in construction, panels, cladding, beams, pillars, furniture.
Pine wood joinery essence LUCA


The pine is light colored, with shades between white and yellow, and has many tree nodes. It can be easily finished and resists shrinkage, swelling and clogging.

Spruce wood joinery essence LUCA


The color of the spruce is light, whitish to yellowish, a color that darkens over time. It is easy to process and finish, it has quite a lot of knots, but they can amplify the value in terms of product aesthetics.

Meranti wood joinery essence LUCA


Meranti is an exotic red-brown wood. It has a special appearance, a fairly high hardness, being a stable wood that is available in a wide variety of colors. It can be used in interior and exterior joinery.

  1. Hardwood has a higher strength and durability, it is chosen for structural elements in constructions, floors, cladding, interior and exterior stairs.
Oak wood joinery essence LUCA


Oak is a strong essence, it is durable and has good bending qualities, in addition it resists moisture and is used in exterior joinery.


The glass for the windows is from the SAINT GOBAIN brand.

  • Size ranges from SINGLE 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm glass or 14 mm DOUBLE GLAZED package - for 40 mm profile and 20 mm DOUBLE GLAZED glass - for 52 mm profile
  • It can be fitted with 24 mm double-glazed glass and 32 mm trypan glass with a 68 mm profile
  • TRYPAN from 36 mm thick glass package for 78 mm profile
  • Ranging from TRIPAN 36 mm glass to TRYPAN / TETRAPAN 52 mm glass package for 92 mm LUCA 92 profile
  • These are standard glass fittings for exterior joinery profiles - laminated wood windows. At the customer's request, the glass for the interior and exterior carpentry can be customized
LUCA wood joinery structure
  1. Glass in double-glazed structure 24-40mm
  2. Wood window jamb
  3. Wood furniture frame
  4. Door frame contour gasket
  5. 68 mm laminated wood jamb
  6. Sealing silicone
  7. Laminated wood furniture frame
  8. Furniture frame gasket 1
  9. Furniture frame gasket 2

Stain / RAL staining

Milesi and Rimmers stain, a semi-transparent water-based solution that enhances the wood fiber, highlights the characteristics of each essence and reacts differently. There are available solutions that mark the pores and are suitable for oak essence, but not for softwood, which has no pores.

In addition to coloring, the stain has certain effects on the wood: it highlights the design and texture of the wood, evens out the natural color, hides defects and protects the wood.

LUCA Stain
RAL staining LUCA

Premium ecological paint from the same supplier Milesi or Rimmers is used to create the opaque coloring of the joinery. It covers the wood and it creates a film, with different degrees of gloss and elasticity, after drying. The paint protects the wood against external factors and rot, in addition to the aesthetic role of coloring. The color shade is chosen from the valid universal RAL palette.


Hardware accessories are other accessories of wooden joinery, they usually come equipped with. It is divided into two categories: hidden or visible window hardware (from the brands ROTO or MACO) and the wide range of handles that can be used to equip windows and doors.

Regarding these, in the LUCA portfolio there are Mandelli, Hoppe, Tolosa and Maestro brand products, products with a wide range, from where each customer can choose his own style of hardware.

LUCA Hardware

Mosquito Nets

Insect roller screen:
independent or integrated in the roller box
  • Designed for windows
  • Available with manual or electric activation
Sliding mosquito nets
  • In a frame, suitable for sliding doors and balcony
Pleated mosquito nets
  • Suitable for sliding doors and larger balconies
Fixed frame mosquito nets
  • For later installation, if an insect roller screen cannot be installed
LUCA Mosquito Nets

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