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Frame the view with custom multi-layer wood windows

Multi-layer wood windows with sill - Luca Global Group
Window hardware and multi-layer wood sill - Luca Global Group

The beauty of each wood window lays in that it captures a unique landscape that is framed in a classic, traditional or modernist custom decor.

Why choose multi-layer wood windows?

  • Timely durability: Multi-layer wood is very strong as the three bounded layers do not permit any bending. Therefore, it is the most suitable material for fabrication of arched and rounded windows; also, engineered wood does not expand over time and no condensation occurs;
  • Value added: Multi-layer wood windows are a long term investment because, on the one hand, they have a long life without any significant additional costs, and on the other hand, they increase the total value of the building;
  • Eco-efficiency: Wood is a natural material and has no negative influence on health as other types of materials like aluminium or PVC. Also, using wood in construction is 100% ecological;
  • Soundproofing: Noise from outside remains outside, while the inside preserves a state of comfort and serenity, and no foreign elements disturb the interior harmony as multi-layer wood windows provide a very good sound insulation;
  • Thermal isolation: No exchange between indoor and outdoor temperature as multi-layer wood windows with double or triple glazing and inert gas creates a thermal barrier;
  • Elegance and refinement: Wood, with its intrinsic beauty, shapes a touch of distinction to homes and landscape.

Our offer of multi-layer wood windows and hardware

From a technical standpoint, we make any type of window with different geometries based on multi-layer wood profiles, aluminium clad wood (through patenting) or bronze clad wood, with superior hardware and special aesthetics. We can, also, add an exterior or interior sill to every window, when necessary.

Each fabricated model is unique, depending on the space requirements and design and, especially, according to our customers wishes:

  • Windows with turn sash;
  • Windows with tilt sash;
  • Windows with tilt and turn sash;
  • Windows with top-hung sash;
  • Windows with sliding sash;
  • Windows with folding sash;
  • Windows with horizontal pivot sash;
  • Windows with vertical pivot sash;
  • Windows with special geometries: rounded, arched;
  • Windows for hotels and accommodations;
  • Windows for monument building;
  • Windows for worship places.

We are recommended by the extensive experience in the field and the many projects we have done so far.

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