Our Business Philosophy

“Our business philosophy is simple: Listen to your customer and sell them the product they need, they know this best!” – LUCA

We believe that wood has a special quality, in addition to being a natural material, it can be processed and integrated into any type of construction. Wood joinery has undeniable properties and adds value to any category of construction in which it is built in.

Our vision is based on sustainable and responsible development in the market. That's why we take on the mission of providing “Joinery for a lifetime”.

This mission is rooted in the values of our brand, since its inception and passed on to all those who make this possible today - our people - from employees, suppliers and customers.

The original LUCA imprint impresses with durability and innovation, it is the element that helps us to be the first choice in the customer's option.

We offer a wide range of interior and exterior wood joinery products, in continuous development, depending on customer preferences: windows, interior and exterior doors, shutters and interior stairs.

We constantly invest in people and technology, in market innovation and in the future, so that we can meet customers' needs at a certain level of trust and reputation.

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Bespoke joinery manufacturing

The quality of the products is equivalent to the quality of the people we work with. You will also be able to sell to your market, if you managed to convert your employee into a follower of your brand's vision.
Sorin Luca, General Manager