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Order processing

In our opinion, something done perfectly is not represented only by the image of the final product, but by all the production stages specific for that product. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to the activities we have going on, starting from the released order to the latest retouch. It is one of the strengths that brought us appreciation among those resorting to the complexity of products and services signed Luca Global Group.


  • The first stage of making a wood product consists in:
    • Receiving the order from the customer (with the needed measurements took, which can be performed directly by the client or are based on a larger project);
    • Calculating the offer price;
    • Establishment of collaboration and of the characteristics of the product that is intended to be achieved.
  • For example, if we are talking about a door we have to know what kind of wood essence to use, what is its shape, pattern and color, hardware, leaf number, type and direction of opening, if it is with or without glass, and other similar details, all determined in accordance with the stylistic demands of our customers.


  • Depending on the size and complexity of the order, and just under an agreement established in advance, this step may be preceded by a visit from a Luca Global Group representative location of the project, to provide consultancy services.


  • After an accurate assessment of the work, is established the deadline and the destination of the products, in the design office is established the execution command and the production schedule for products appearing in the contract to be signed, so that it can be due to the stipulated delivery time.


  • In the production sections, the raw material goes through a complex manufacturing cycle, from drying the timber in our own hothouse (dryer), to various machining, after which it gains the final shape and size, so that in the finishing operations to achieve the color and the gloss desired by the client.
  • The finished products are equipped with specific hardware for each product in part, according to the options of our customers.


  • The products are then transported with our own means of conveyance to the recipient location, the mounting operations being performed by specialized teams in favorable weather, without precipitation and temperatures over -10°C.


  • After completing these processes, there are given post-operative services, maintenance, at the same quality standards as the entire project has been treated.

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