Laminated wood exterior joinery for classic buildings

Laminated wood exterior joinery for classic buildings

Author: LUCA Global Group • 2020

Windows for buildings with the status of Historical Monument, rustic houses, old buildings, classic style.

The laminated wood joinery is mainly used in the classical style, respectively buildings with the status of historical monument, rustic houses and buildings from a certain period, because it is a component of the specific architectural style. De cele mai multe ori, aceasta se înlocuiește cu același tip de tâmplărie și același stil clasic, reproducând într-un mod fidel elementele de design și de funcționalitate.

The windows are built on a classic 40 mm profile equipped with 4/6/8 mm glass or 14 mm double-glazed package, or 52 mm profile with 20 mm double-glazed glass. The hardware is classic, with cremone type closing system or locking handle. Simple or ornamental hinges on the door frame. A classic drip applied to the outside of the sash is used against rain.

The opening system of the window is only the usual one for the 40 mm profile, or french or simple closing system - one on top of the other - for the 52 mm profile.

In our product range, this product for the classic style is called LUCA Classic. The available essences are Spruce and Oak.

Another peculiarity of these types of buildings is the construction of double windows, according to the original model – decades old – using two identical or combined profiles. In the LUCA portfolio there are distinct works, combining a profile of 40 mm on the outside with a modern one of 68 mm on the inside.

The 68 mm profile is a modern type, available in our offer as LUCA 68. It can be equipped with 24 mm double-glazed glass and 32 mm trypan glass.

The reason for this use of profiles is related to the functionality on the inside - the tilting-in opening system and thermal comfort - but also to the design, on the outside using a classic profile, to reproduce the specificity of the style with applied hinges and cremone closing system.

If it is not intended to use a double window, a single profile from 40 mm, 52 mm or up to 68 mm shall be used.

The 68 mm LUCA 68 profile can be adapted to the classic style, without trying to reproduce it faithfully, but instead specific ornaments can be applied to classic windows.

It is possible to build the special geometries of the windows - round, arched - on any type of profile.

LUCA has in its portfolio various works designed for old buildings or with the status of historical monuments belonging to the classical style.

House from the Interwar period

Refurbishment of exterior door and replacement of Spruce wood windows with arch, with ornaments faithfully reconstructed after the original ones, anthracite gray color. 68 mm window profile.

Laminated wood exterior joinery for classic buildings

Ioanid International High School – Crissovelloni House – Constantin Budișteanu architectural ensemble – 52 mm classic Spruce joinery, with 20 mm double-glazing, cremon type hardware.

Ioanid International High School

Ioanid International High School Facade

Military Technical Academy

Classic oak windows faithfully recreated after the existing ones, over 100 years old. The double window was used, with a classic 40 mm profile on the outside with plain glass, and a 68 mm profile on the inside with 24 mm double-glazed glass.

Military Technical Academy

Military Technical Academy

Curtea de Argeș Monastery and Episcopal Palace

Oak wood windows painted in two colors, with applied cremone type hardware.52 mm profiles with 20 mm double-glazing were used for the windows

Curtea de Argeș Monastery and Episcopal Palace

Curtea de Argeș Monastery and Episcopal Palace

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