Laminated wood shutters: Features and Price Calculation

Laminated wood shutters: Features and Price Calculation

Author: LUCA Global Group • 2020

Shutters are a category of wood joinery accessories. The shutters are used both as an integrated part of European architecture, providing a special aesthetic appearance, but also for various functions such as light control, wind protection, adverse weather conditions protection and also to maintain privacy.

The wood essences used for the shutters are Meranti and Spruce, and the colors and finish differ depending on each customer's option. The shutters are hand-painted with premium paints or with the standard version with stain. The shutters are made of carefully selected wood, with a wood humidity of 12-14%.

Shutters are divided into two categories:

  1. Depending on the opening system: swing shutters and sliding shutters
  2. Depending to the type of slat, which can be: fixed, movable or without slats - solid, rustic shutters.

Swing shutters wit movable slats

Both swing and sliding shutters can have any type of slat:

  • Fixed with the orientation of the slats at 45 degrees, open or the slats completely closed
  • Movable with the orientation of the slats mechanically, depending on the chosen option: closed / open
  • Solid slats, no possibility of light penetrating

The size of the shutter frame is 70 x 32, both for shutters with adjustable slats and for those with fixed slats.The size of the movable slats is 70 x 15 cm and for the fixed ones it is 40 x 8 cm. The hardware used can be, depending on the case: Maco, Rustico or Solido.

Interior shutters

Typology -Turning, folding, sliding

  • Turning means simple opening system, with the shutter folding towards the wall.
  • Folding refers to the folding opening system, for shutter mounting where the normal opening system is not permitted by the available space.
  • Sliding - sliding opening system.

The installation of swing shutters with fixed or movable slats can be done either on the window frame, by attaching the jambs between them (the shutter jamb and the window jamb), or in the wall gap, on the jamb itself, in cases where the wall exceeds a thickness of 20 cm), or on the outside of the wall gap (only in cases where the house does not have a polystyrene or cotton wool heating system.

The sliding shutters are mounted on the outside, on the facade of the building, on its own frame consisting of two cross members with sliding rails.

Swing shutters with movable slats

The maximum size of a window that can be covered by a shutter

It is recommended that another shutter sheet be made at a maximum height of 2 meters, in order to prevent it from bending. There is no maximum size for the width, as the opening can be customized depending on the place (folding system, folding or sliding can be done).

For pieces larger than 2 meters (swinging shutters, simple), we recommend that a cross member be mounted in the middle of the shutter sheet, practically to make an additional frame in the same shutter body.

The price of wooden shutters can vary on the market depending on their quality, which explains the choice of raw material - wood, hardware, paints and varnishes - but also the production way or the final use of the product. As a rule, shutters with sliding opening system must meet certain mounting factors and have higher costs than swing shutters.

LUCA approaches the market in a transparent way in terms of costs and, that is why we have developed an estimated price calculator on our website to inform the target audience in a correct manner.

Prices are valid per square meter and include hardware and various options, such as RAL color or stain - the standard version at no extra cost. Values can be calculated for up to 10 different types of shutters, by entering the dimensions (length and height) and the number of pieces corresponding to each type. For an exact quotation you can submit the request to the sales department.

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