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Create an elegant entrance into your home with multi-layer wood doors

Multi-layer wood doors and exterior doors for confort and safety
Interior doors

As the first impression is never forgotten, a special entrance into your home adds nobility and elegance to space and remains deeply etched in the mind of the visitors.

Why choose a multi-layer wood door against a PVC or aluminium door?

  • Strength and durability: Multi-layer wood doors resist very well over time, as they do not bend under the action of various external factors; also, being so resistant, multi-layer wood is best for achieving arches and vaults;
  • House safety: Multi-layer wood doors along with designed hardware add special protection to private homes;
  • Bio-Compatibility: Using wood to fabricate doors is recommended as it is an organic material and therefore, safe for health, unlike aluminium which is a carcinogenic material;
  • Protection against noise: Wood provides protection against noise pollution. Soundproofing is between 30 and 40 dB, depending on the type of filling (argon). To improve sound insulation, different thicknesses of glass sheets are used;
  • Energy efficiency: Multi-layer wood doors do not allow heat transfer to the outside; unlike PVC, wood is a material that does not expand nor generates condensation;
  • Aesthetics: Wooden doors add a touch of distinction to your home as wood, besides its unique look, offers almost unlimited possibilities of creation and design; further, it can be painted based on non-toxic oils to emphasize different colours and hues, for a natural, classic or modernist look.

Our offer of multi-layer wood doors and accessories

Each wooden door made by us is unique, and depends on the space that it must comprise, the decorative style of the whole environment, the utility requirements that must be fulfilled, and especially, the preferences of our customers.

We offer a wide range of door designs and accessories, along with different types of multi-layer wood profiles to create the door that best represents your personal home style:

  • Exterior wooden doors in accordance with the overall architecture of the building;
  • Interior wooden doors for a personal touch, with glass or stained glass designs;
  • Wooden doors with glass panels;
  • Balcony doors with wood shutters;
  • Wood garage doors with different designs and ornaments;
  • Pool doors with double or triple glazing;
  • Wooden gates with superior hardware and applied iron elements;
  • Wooden doors for monument buildings.

Our experience of over 10 years in the field, and the many projects we have done during this time, recommends us to be the ideal choice when your desired architectural works need to be brought to life.

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