Wood Joinery Windows Profile LUCA Modern I

LUCA Modern I

  • 68 mm
Thermal value
  • Uw 1,27W/m2K (insulating glass Ug 1,00)
  • 2 high quality Q-lon gaskets, available in different colors
  • Visible or hidden to carry up to 80 kg
Rain protection profiles
  • On wood frame and sash as standard equipment, available in different colors
Available essences
  • Spruce, Meranti, Nordic Pine, Oak
  • It is possible to equip with 24 mm double-glazed glass and 32 mm trypan glass
Window opening system
  • Windows with special geometrical designs:round, with arch
  • Sliding wood windows
  • Windows with folding opening system
  • Windows with normal opening system and tilting-in mounting

Once a year, it is recommended to apply a special varnish for laminated wood, which protects the window wood or exterior doors wood from the effects of temperature differences (winter / summer). When applying the varnish, a soft cloth is used, the application is usually made in the spring season and does not require specialized help.

  • For each carpentry cleaning, commercially available solutions adapted to this material are used for the laminated wood part. To clean the window, apply the usual cleaning solutions.
  • Avoid washing with aggressive detergents that contain: acetone, ethyl acetate, benzene, toluene, methanol, alcohol, etc.
  • Do not use sharp or abrasive objects that can damage the exterior finish - wire brushes, abrasive sponge, etc.

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