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Technical details

We’ve learned how to relate to the majority market demands, without losing sight of the personalization factor regarding our work.

The complexity of the products is in line with the approved European Standards, having a high thermal insulation U = 1.8 W / mpK wooden profile, namely 1.1 W / mpK for the glass composition.

The offered product warranty is 5 years old, and their components (wood profile, hardware, paints and glass) respect the quality standards under the European Union.

Therefore, in terms of product characteristics of wood joinery with double-glazing windows, we use the following wood species:

External joinery:

Triple layer profile of the following essences:

Oak "Quercus"
Spruce "Picea abies"
Pine "Pinus sylvestris"
Larch "Larix decisuas"
Meranti "Shorea negrosensis"
Eucalyptus "Eucaliptus"
Teak "Teak"

Interior joinery:

Massive wood from essences such as:

Oak "Quercus"
Spruce "Picea abies"
Pine "Pinus sylvestris"
Meranti "Shorea negrosensis"
Ash "Fraxinus ssp."
Lime "Tilia"

Manufactured window type:

IV68, 20 mm EUROFALZ


ROTO NT Germany


Two layers of silicone rubber gaskets


Float glass windows 4 + 16 + 4 mm, with the possibility of improving the heat transfer coefficient:

Low-E glass
Four seasons

Glass may be of different thicknesses and with different properties:


Windows and doors can be equipped with sound-absorbing glass

Coverage area:

Water based lacquer

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