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Carpentry for a lifetime
~ multi-layer wood ~

Luca Global Group Headquarter: multi-layer wood

Within the company Luca Global Group, we accentuate the beauty and durability of wood to bring comfort into your home.

Since we started our business until present, we honoured the faith of our customers by shaping wood with great skill to create that unique form to fit perfectly into the desired place, whatever is about a window, an interior or exterior door, or a gazebo into a garden.

Our company produces, sells and installs, at the highest quality standards, interior and exterior wood carpentry:

  • Wooden exterior doors
  • Wooden interior doors
  • Wood windows
  • Wood shutters
  • Wooden stairs
  • Wooden railings
  • Wood flooring
  • Lumber and beams
  • Exterior wood design
  • Wood furniture

We enrich wood by layering technique to provide added durability and elegance

Triple layer wood

Why engineered wood instead of natural wood?

Engineered wood is made by overlapping and pressing three layers of natural wood bound together by special waterproof glue. Such a technique increases the durability of natural wood, as it follows:

  • The natural bending of the wood is eliminated because the individual bending of each of the three layers cancels each other out;
  • The three layers of wood are chosen to have different hardness: oak, spruce, pine, larch and also some exotic essences: meranti, eucalyptus, and teak;
  • By layering, every node and bump of the natural wood is eliminated.

Wood, unlike other materials (PVC, aluminium) is organic and therefore its use in indoor decoration for wall dressing, masking certain elements, doors and windows, shutters, railings, stairs, wood flooring etc. add a touch of comfort and intimacy to the private space, and provide a link between humans and the natural environment, which counteracts the current trend of artificiality that is felt more acutely these days. For a better understanding of wood and other non-organic materials, we can think of a cotton shirt and a synthetic one, in a hot summer day.

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